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Times are changing... what is a nun anyway?

The celebrations of last week are starting to slow with heighten awareness of the time we are embarking upon. Change is starting to be stirred into the norm, into the desire of living fully in a period of unrest.The next few weeks upon me are filling up between virtual gatherings and that of the start of a new journey of study; the sense of a new season is in reach. In the past few days I have felt attached to the screen with meetings daily, helping others with their technology and simply wanting to watch news, and a movie – yes a movie ;o)  Over the past few weeks I have had heighten awareness of the throw away comments of listening to the “young”, they will be able to create new future or have insight. Then today I was listening to an experience of an interaction with youth, resulting in a sense of not knowing how to answer. What is a nun anyway? Was the question, with the answer far too complicated with inner awareness of not even being able to answer. When coming from a place of e…

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