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Easter moves to waiting in Joyful hope

  As the pews are replaced for the couch, singing replaced with spoken word. The intention of active experiencing sharing worship is taken on a sheen of passive isolation.   While grateful that technology enables connection ‘going to church,’ I however feel that it has diminished something about the experience: something is off. There are moments over the easter period where active participation would not be too far reached – saying the stations of the cross, speaking the prayers out opposed to listening. To create own prayer ritual for the last seven words, to speak the responses out loud…. Create space – yes that is a big one, both external and internal.  Yet I sit here, where endless messages of Alleluia arrive wondering am I still in the desert. It feels like some film played on the cloud with the hope of being present at the communion event one day.  While I do not dismiss the depth the pandemic has created, I am starting to feel it’s a justification for the somewhat passive tone

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