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path of formation...

Recently I have been taking time to reflect on the year, reflect on where the path I am walking is taking me.
There is a lot of talk of formation within my life. What does this even mean? I often find myself asking. I think one can not deny its a life long journey, and formation is going to happen at every corner, every stage and age of life. There is great beauty and richness in this, while at the same time that endless discerning sometimes leaves a sense of wanting to adapt to the modern culture of instant gratification or rather instant answers. 
I have come to the conclusion that at each avenue it means something different… here I live in a formation houses that is deeply challenged by intercultural and intergenerational living. There are challenges that rises daily with the very nature of living in a house with eight young women who are so different yet united together through their love for Christ. I have started to realise that essentially my part in this equation is to foster …

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